After Care

After Care

Once you have purchased your contact lenses and have started the adaptation period, you will need to attend regularly for contact lens check ups. Your first check up will be usually within a fortnight of collecting your lenses.

Contact lenses rarely cause serious eye complications, however, just as you may beunaware you have a general health problem such as high blood pressure/ raised cholesterol levels, changes to the eye can occur without you noticing any symptoms. In such cases, without regular check ups, complications can arise.

Routine check ups also provide the chance to ensure that the lenses you are wearing still meet your needs and are still the best products available to you. Advances in contact lens material and design as well as the solution systems are constantly being made to bring additional benefits to contact lens wearers.

Optometrists at Opticare will advise you on how often you should have check ups. It is unlikely to be over a year between appointments and if the lenses are newly fitted or need careful observation, check ups will be at much shorter intervals.

Always ask yourself, “Do my eyes look well, feel well and see well?” if you have any concerns at all, remove your contact lenses immediately and seek the advice of one of our Optometrists, even if you are not due for a check up.

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