Bifocal Lenses


These lenses are designed to give good vision to people who have a condition called presbyopia. The key sign that you are developing presbyopia is that you need to hold reading text further from your eyes to see it clearly.
Bifocal contact lenses are available in both soft (disposable or frequent replacement) and gas permeable materials. Disposable bifocal contact lenses first came available in 1999 and now they are also available in daily disposable.

How bifocal contact lenses work

They work very much like bifocal spectacles i.e. they have two powers on one lens. One to correct distance vision (if required), and the other to correct near vision. Your eye learns to differentiate the proper power whether it’s for long or close vision. Various designs are available i.e. simultaneous, concentric and alternating vision. All three designs work differently and at Opticare, optometrists will decide on suitability


Bifocal lenses may not be suitable for everyone. Because the eye needs time to adjust to sorting out the different powers, it takes some time to adjust to the lenses. This amount of time varies from person to person. This is where monovision may be recommended as an option. With monovision, you wear one contact lens with one power to correct distance vision and the other contact lens with one power to correct near vision. The distance lens is usually worn in your dominant eye. This may appear a little unusual, however, most people adjust well to it and eventually you don’t even notice that each eye is responsible for a different part of their vision.

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