Designer Glasses Frames


Choosing the right pair of eyeglasses isn’t just how it looks on your face. Selection starts with the advice from a professional, who will guide you with a choice of lenses and frame styles best suited to your prescription. So, the major task is to find the right pair of glasses to match your style and budget.


Most prescriptions will go well with all the frames, however, complex or high prescriptions can sometimes limit your choice of styles. This is why our highly experienced and certified opticians take charge to provide you with a huge range of quality Designer Spectacles at very affordable prices. At Opticare, we will ensure to provide you with the product that will match your face shape perfectly, giving it a different yet impressive look.


As the UK’s leading independently run family opticians, we offer an incredible selection of Designer Glasses and Frames for men and women.


Our latest collection of spectacles offers everything – from the perfect style, to the perfect performance and comfort. Available in various shapes, styles, designs, looks and materials, you can choose your favourite pair by following a few simple steps. The prices of our designer collection of glasses are set at reasonable prices in different ranges to suit your individual budget