Dry Eye Specialists

Dry Eye Treatment

As of 2014, Optometrists Mr. Shah and Mr. Patel are certified Dry Eye specialists by Spectrum Thea. This has allowed us to set up a dedicated dry eye clinic and offer a comprehensive range of highly effective Dry Eye Treatment Solutions at a comparatively low price.

Previously, most patients visited general practitioners and pharmacists for their dry eye concerns. One of the major benefits of considering our Leicester dry eye clinic consultation is to get a careful assessment of the tear film and an analysis of the cause of dry eye. This allows us to come up with a more focused management plan.

The Symptoms Of Dry Eye Include:

(1) Pain

(2) Blurred vision

(3) Excessive Watering

(4) Photophobia ( Sensitivity to Light)

The Causes Of Dry Eye May Include:

(1) Ageing

(2) Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids)

(3) Dry environment/Pollution

(4) Preservatives

At Opticare, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced eye care professionals who strive to deliver the best possible Dry Eye Treatment Solutions. Our Dry Eye assessment involves a separate appointment to assess the tear and ocular surface with a personalized management plan, whether it is simple advice about the blinking and environment, or a supply of artificial tears/lid cleansing /lid compress treatments. In more severe cases, referral to ophthalmology via the hospital eye service may be recommended.

Follow ups are arranged with Newark ocular hygienists and thereafter with optometrists.

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