Diabetic Retinal Screening

Regular eye screening is one of the best ways to detect diabetic retinopathy before you notice any changes in your sight. Specialised digital photography is primarily used to look for changes that could affect your sight.
When the condition is caught at the early stage, treatment is performed to reduce or prevent damage to your sight.

Diabetic patients are typically recommended to undergo an eye examination annually. Diabetes is a problem that can affect the eyesight and diabetic changes may first become apparent in the eye. It is, therefore, important that diabetic patients are screened on a regular basis and the Optometrist informs the patient’s GP of the results and any changes in ocular health.

Retinal Photography

At Opticare Optician’s, involves a regular eye examination followed by a few mydriatic eyedrops, which dilate the pupil to enable the Optometrist to see the vessels at the back of the eye clearly through an enlarged image. Once the vessels are clearly visible, the Optometrist takes the picture of the vessels using the latest state of the art digital camera technology. These images are kept stored and may be used to monitor changes. Diabetic eye screening is available free of charge to all diabetic patients funded by the health services depending on the local health authorities.

The aim of this service is to reduce the risk of sight loss amongst individuals with diabetes by the fast & prompt identification as well as effective treatment if required.

At Opticare Optician’s, we recognise that patients with diabetes need special care and we are here to make sure they receive a high standard Diabetic Retinal Screening Service. Our team of Opticians have undergone several years of specialist training and National accreditation in the screening program, and are highly dedicated to making you feel comfortable and keeping you informed throughout your screening.

We offer a range of screening programmes and specialist services in eye care: