NHS Eye Test

Regular eye tests are important for the well-being of your eyes and should form part of your healthcare routine, like visiting the doctor or dentist. At Opticare, our experienced and highly skilled optometrists carry out a thorough eye test and suggest which optical solution is right for you.

NHS Eye Test is not just to check your eye sight – it’s a thorough examination to:

(1) Check the health of your eyes.

(2) Find any eye problems before they get more serious.

(3) Look for indicators of other health problems.

Where Do I Get My NHS Eye Test?

You can get your eyes examined by a certified and highly experienced optometrist at Opticare, which provides quality and affordable NHS services to patients from different parts of the UK. Our team of optometrists is trained to examine your eyes to look for signs of eye disease and to check your eye’s sight.
When you visit at Opticare, you’ll have your sight tested by an an optometrist who is responsible for checking the quality of your vision and eye health. Optometrists, who are associated with us, are trained to recognise abnormalities and signs of any eye disease such as cataracts or glaucoma. If required, our medical professionals will also refer you to a specialist doctor or eye surgeon for further suggestion and treatment. We also prescribe and fit glasses and contact lenses.