VDU Eye Check

With the regular advancement in the world of computer technology, more and more people are using computer screens or Visual Display Units (VDUs) to conduct various computer related jobs in offices. It is necessary for every employer to ensure that each employee is not at risk from eye strain.

VDU Eye Check-Up

Our VDU eye check-up is a comprehensive full Eye Examination, which is responsible for a number of things, including; determining all visual complaints both VDU and non-VDU related.
It encompasses “Optimised VDU Prescribing”. In general, this is the calculation of the particular prescription needed for each individual’s work station set up in order to ensure the best display screen comfort and clarity.
ven if the eye check-up is paid for by the employer, employees may also pay for other additional tests, such as Digital Retina Imaging if they so wish.

VDU Spectacles-Just For You

At Opticare, we recommend that the employer decides on the amount they are prepared to pay for the chosen spectacles and allow employees as well to meet any additional cost for more stylish frames themselves.

Great Range of Spectacles Designed To Make Your VDU Work Smoother

At Opticare, we have the latest range of varifocal lens design for professionals who use VDUs all day long. These lenses offer multiple focusing areas specifically designed to help desk work when looking between the screen and desk. This will definitely help to reduce eyestrain and improve quality of vision.