The spectacle lens technology has been witnessed an exponential growth in the last few years. The availability of a huge variety of spectacle lenses allows individuals to find out the finest vision correction devices. At Opticare, we strive to fit your frame with the right spectacle lenses that are sure to give you better vision, and a more attractive look.

We don’t take a chance when it comes to suggesting a product for that most valuable asset-your eyes. Our trained staff assess your prescription first, and then advise you of the best lens option. We take every point into consideration from considering your lifestyle to your estimated budget before finalizing the lenses that will meet your specific needs perfectly.

At Opticare, we have different types of spectacle lenses which offer different levels of performance; from the very latest technological developments with tailor-made alternatives, to the great value ranges suitable for all budgets – available in both Single Vision and Varifocal. You can visit our store to discuss your requirements with one of our expert advisors.

We through our advanced technological spectacle lenses optimize your sight, while maximizing your look. We aim to meet your demands of quality at affordable prices. No matter what kind of vision problem your are facing, we are sure to help you find the right product for your needs. Whether you are looking for Hi-Index Lenses, Varifocal Lenses, Photochromatic Lenses, VDU Lenses, Polycarbonate Lenses, or Tinted Lenses to increase your visual comfort, we have the right solution for you.