Lens Coatings

Most lenses can now have special coatings applied which enhance your vision and also improve the appearance of your glasses. In particular we recommend that your lenses have scratch-resistant and anti-reflection coatings.

A scratch-resistant coating will prolong the life of your lenses because it reduces scratching from general wear and tear. No lenses are scratch proof (even glass lenses!).A lens treated front and back surface with a clear, tough coating becomes more resistant to scratching.

An anti reflection coating is applied to both surfaces of the lens to improve the vision through the lenses as well as the cosmetic appearance of the overall spectacles. This coating is similar to that found on microscope and camera lenses.

Safer Night Driving

Anti-reflective lenses virtually eliminate the often dangerous reflective glare from oncoming headlights. By seeing more clearly at night, you can drive with greater comfort and confidence. AR lenses also increase the amount of light transmitted directly to your eyes, a welcome addition to night time vision.

Reduce Eye Strain

Spending long hours at a computer screen, whether at work or play, can dramatically contribute to eye fatigue. Anti-reflective lenses eliminate the glare and discomfort this activity often causes. They are also particularly helpful in environments where there are numerous sources of light, such as offices with outside windows, desk lamps and overhead fluorescent lighting.
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VDU Lenses

If you regularly use a computer screen and experience eye strain, you may need spectacles specifically designed for VDU use. Under European Union legislation you could be entitled to an eye test and glasses paid for by your employer. Local companies and their staff are welcome to contact us for details.

Light weight lenses with an anti reflection coating are most suitable for computer use and for those who require varifocal lenses, new computer varifocals are now available (offering intermediate and near vision correction only).

Crizal Forte UV

Crizal Prevencia