Optiplan and Schemes

Our eyecare plans are affordable for everyone, so there is no need to worry about the cost of contact lenses and other eye care related services. Once you are registered under any of our schemes, you will be rest assured to get everything with greater quality – from normal contact lenses, spectacles, standard solutions to routine aftercare appointments.

You will qualify for any further appointments your optometrists recommends. You will also be entitled to emergency care if required at no extra charge. We use advanced technology to examine your eyes, including retinal imaging system, visual fields testing. At Opticare, under the OPTIPLAN you are entitled to special discounts on spectacle frames and disposable & coloured contact lenses.

As an independently run family opticians, we are not limited in our choice of products and can select whichever type of lens best suits your needs. The best lenses mean providing the best comfort and the best vision.

At Opticare, we are highly committed to ensuring that you get the best possible eyecare plans for your eyes and the widest choice of products available.

1. Benefits Of Joining Any Of Our Eyecare Plans

2. Evenly spreads the fee of eye care across the year into convenient and manageable monthly payments

3. Saves a considerable amount of money, offering discounts on lenses and frames.

4. Free diagnostic contact lenses including trials of the latest contact lens designs on the market.

Know our Optiplan and Schemes