Optiplan Schemes


Opticare was founded in 1991 with the clear goal of offering the highest standards in professional eye care, with the main focus being on individual patient needs. We are therefore delighted to offer the Optiplan – a scheme which offers the opportunity to spread the cost of your eye care with additional savings on spectacles.


Members will be entitled to any additional appointments that your optometrist recommends and will also have access to emergency check-ups if needed, at no extra charge. The Optiplan includes retinal photography and visual fields testing with the latest equipment, as well as any follow up appointments that may be necessary.


Spectacle sales have traditionally subsidised the cost of a full sight test, so Optiplan members will be able to receive special discounts on spectacle frames and lenses.


This is an ongoing mission at Opticare with our optometrists undergoing continuous training for further qualifications. This allows us to investigate a greater range of conditions, thus avoiding unnecessary hospital referrals. Investment in state of the art equipment also enables us to detect abnormalities at an early stage so that problems may be dealt with more easily, resulting in greater convenience to our patients.


Benefits of Optiplan


All sight tests and emergency consultations are free of charge whilst on the plan

30% off complete spectacles (unlimited purchases) starting from the day you join the plan
Peace of mind knowing your future eye care is covered under the plan
Discounts available for families
Full cover available for only £10 per month